Fayette County


City of Fayetteville Spill Report

The city of Fayetteville reported a water and sewage spill on Dec. 30, citing torrential downpours as the cause of the incident.

According to the report, a sewage system near Cloverfield Drive in Fayetteville was overwhelmed by up to 4 inches of rain, causing a manhole to export a reported 13,500 gallons of discharge.

4 [inches] of torrential downpour in the area.” the report from the city of Fayetteville lists as the cause of the spill. “The lift station was overwhelmed with flow and unable to keep up with the incoming flow allowing the manhole across the street to overflow.”

The report also lists that the city will take corrective action by using cameras in the surrounding sweage lines to spot any infiltration. 

“The plan is to camera the surrounding sewer lines that discharge into the station and find any infiltration that may be present in the sewer piping.”

The receiving waterway listed in the report is the Tributary of Nash Creek.

An image of the entire report is listed below. 

By Michael Cuneo

Michael Cuneo is a news and sports reporter for the Fayette County News. Michael graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism in 2020. In his off time, Michael enjoys torturing himself as an Atlanta Falcons fan. Follow Michael on twitter @michaelcune