Candidates recite the Oath of Allegiance to officially become U.S. Citizens. (Staff Photo by Christopher Dunn)

IMG_9778The American Dream is coming true for the newest batch of citizens. Thursday, the Fayette County Public Library hosted their annual Citizenship Ceremony, where 62 people representing more than 40 countries took the Oath of Allegiance, officially becoming citizens of the United States of America.
Among those who offered remarks was Charles Oddo, chairman of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, for whom the ceremony has extra meaning. His grandparents emigrated from Italy, and his wife became a U.S. citizen in 2008.
In his poignant speech, he spoke about how the melting pot atmosphere is what makes our country great.
“What makes us strong is that our different cultures do not divide us. Instead, we take the best of our diversity and weave it into the national fabric that makes us all Americans,” said Oddo. “The common thread for nearly 300 years that binds Americans together is we believe we can, and we can because we believe.
“Each of you were born somewhere not in America, but, this morning, you have all met in this building in Fayetteville, in our public library, whose purpose is to store and spread knowledge to all who ask,” said Oddo. “We have met here from all over the world to be recognized officially as citizens of our family, of our country, and I welcome you to our great nation.”