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Cars and Coffee hosts first car meet at Tyrone Museum

By Leah Banks

TYRONE — From El Caminos to Thunderbirds, a car enthusiast’s dream is to not only show off their ride but also surround themselves with like-minded people who have similar interests. For Cars and Coffee of Peachtree City, it’s about meeting with their cars, drinking coffee, and fellowshipping with others.

On April 2, the Cars and Coffee Peachtree City organization held a car meet for the first time in its history at the Tyrone Museum. The meet was meant for participants to bring any old car, modern car, or bike to meet and connect with other members of the community with similar interests.

Cars flowed on both sides of the Tyrone Museum parking lot as participants parked and opened their hoods to polished engines and parts, while also being welcomed into the museum kitchen for coffee and breakfast items as they browsed the lot.

Cars and Coffee Peachtree City member Norm Bruneau not only brought his 1989 baltic blue Porsche 911 Cabriolet to the meet for people to see but also organized the meet from beginning to end. He takes pride in his car and the fellowship of other members of the community who come together to enjoy these moments of unity.

“Today’s cars and coffee meet was simply an informal gathering of car, bike, truck enthusiasts gathering to share their love and passion of cars,” Bruneau said, “with the help of the Peachtree City Cars and Coffee folks, moving their venue to Tyrone, we accomplished our goal of advertising and gaining visibility of the Tyrone Museum.”

There were a total of 104 cars and occupants on the museum grounds and a number of visitors who parked across the street, according to Bruneau.

The organization is known for their car meets and have organized shows for approximately four and a half years in Peachtree City. This year, the focal point was to raise awareness for the Tyrone Museum as it prepares for the first anniversary of its opening and for Founder’s Day of the town of Tyrone.

Friends of Tyrone organization president Darlene Robinson said the meet was a great way to connect with people in the community and promote the Tyrone Museum and future events.

“Cars and Coffee was first brought to us last year, but we weren’t completely ready just yet to host the event. This year, we decided that we would give it a shot, and it was so good,” Robinson said.

While this was the first car meet held in Tyrone, it is unclear whether or not the decision for future car shows will be held at the Tyrone Museum.


By Leah Banks

Leah Banks is a reporter for Fayette News. She graduated from Loyola University - New Orleans with a degree in Journalism in May 2019. As a reporter, she covers mainly Peachtree City and Tyrone areas. Leah has an interest in community outreach as well as local initiatives. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels and listening to jazz music. Leah can be reached at leah@fayette-news.net.