PEACHTREE CITY — After weeks of controversy, Gretchen Caola is no longer a councilwoman in Peachtree City.

In Tuesday’s Special Called Meeting, the city council will officially declare Caola’s seat open and potentially adopt a resolution to call a special election for Post 3. 

To start the meeting, Mayor Kim Learnard addressed the crowd, saying that Caola no longer met the qualifications to remain on the council.

“We will now declare the Council seat Post three open, can I  have a motion?” Learnard stated. 

After declaring the seat open, Learnard continued to proceed with adopting a resolution to hold a special election that would involve thousands of taxpayer dollars in order to fill the seat. 

“The costs involved in the special election will most likely involve about $45,000 for the regular election, approximately $35,000 more if there’s a runoff, postage, poll workers and overtime,. We’re looking at almost $100,000 in Peachtree City taxpayers,” Learnard read. 

The motion continued to carry to hold the election in November. 

Fayette County Elections Director Brian Hill spoke on the upcoming procedure once the council calls the election office with the approval. 

“Once my office receives a call & resolution for a special election,  I will get the SOS office to build the ballot and election for the requested election. Then, a IGA will have to be signed by the City for us to conduct their special election.  A special election can potentially cost about $40,000 to $50,000 to conduct properly,” Hill said. 

The news of Caola’s resignation had been pinging on the phones of residents throughout the weekend when the  “Plan for PTC” Facebook account posted that Caola reportedly announced her resignation at a recent event.  

The announcement was made by Caola herself at a recent neighborhood meeting held by Peachtree City StandUp. 

Caola expressed that she has sold her Peachtree City home and has already purchased a new home in Florida. She also stated that she will not be buying “an apartment” in Peachtree City. 

Caola spoke on the recent issues that led to the controversy that started it all that related to the golf cart speed bumps surrounding her private property. She explained that she had no private communication outside of the test and emails that have already been posted throughout social media. 

Caola also disclosed that, while she did not have conversations with anyone about the golf cart  path beside her home, her husband was involved in that communication. 

There was a time where Caola had not been publicly vocal about the issues surrounding the golf cart paths and her property, but she said that the city attorney advised her to not speak publicly about the issues at hand.