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Burglary in Fayetteville ends in car crash with three fatalities

Update: the names of the three deceased suspects are 21-year-old Eddie Alford from Jonesboro, 19-year-old Devongelo Hunter from College Park and 19-year-old Mark Mathis from Jonesboro. The fourth suspect who escaped the wreckage has not yet been apprehended. His name has not been released.

A burglary that occurred early Monday morning at a cell phone store in Fayetteville ended with a flipped car in a private pond west of Jonesboro and three deaths.

A burglary in progress was reported at the Sprint PCS store on Hwy. 85 across from the Fayette Pavilion in Fayetteville Monday at 4:22 a.m., according to Fayetteville Police Dept. Capt. Mike Whitlow. There was a security guard at the store as the dark color Chrysler pulled up and three slender black males got out of the car. They broke the front window of the Sprint store, as the security guard yelled at them and they yelled back an expletive.

Authorities reached the scene as the vehicle was leaving. It has not yet been released what items were stolen from the store.

A Fayette County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted the vehicle traveling northbound on Hwy. 85, according to Public Information Officer Allen Stevens. He got behind the vehicle and it turned right on Point South Parkway, and that’s when the deputy initiated his emergency lights. The road ended at Flint River Drive. At the intersection of Flint River Drive and Taylor Drive, the deputy witnessed an an accident with brake lights and a swerving car.

The victim of the accident, who was transported to a local area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, thought the car with the suspects in the car had gone ahead, so the deputy kept driving. In fact, the suspect’s car had struck another vehicle and maneuvered into a private pond. Once the deputy had turned around, Clayton County authorities were on the scene and assumed the traffic investigation from there.

According to a Clayton County Police Department press release, “three occupants of the vehicle are deceased after becoming entrapped in a vehicle that landed on its roof in a private pond at the intersection of Flint River Road and Taylor road after a collision.”

One occupant of the vehicle was able to escape the wreckage and fled the scene on foot.

By Justin Fedich

Justin Fedich is a reporter for the Fayette County News. He has been a reporter for various papers around the Southeast, including the Athens Banner-Herald and the Selma Times-Journal. Justin is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in digital and broadcast journalism and a sports media certificate.