At Thursday night’s meeting, Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown asked his colleagues to consider placing a 150-day moratorium on the county accepting applications for rezonings, but the late notice had the board deciding to table the talk until the August 11 meeting to allow time for research and discussion.
“The housing market in Fayette County is red hot. It is a sellers market, and, because of that, we are now seeing activity like we haven’t seen in probably a decade,” said Brown, adding that the county is seeing an “unprecedented” number of applications for annexations and rezonings.
Brown proposed the resolution as part of a process that would include meetings with residents and municipalities to discuss the land use plan currently in place, as well as future land uses.
“Let’s see if they’re what we want for our county for the future,” said Brown. “Instead of being reactive, I would like for the board to start being proactive.”
Brown sent his draft resolution to the commissioners and county staff, as well as local media, late Thursday afternoon, then asked at the start of the 7 p.m. meeting that it be added to the agenda. Both commissioners and staff members said they had only had time to briefly look at the document.
“Having just received this, I would like to digest it and ask some very critical questions of staff,” said Commissioner Charles Rousseau. “I want to be very, very cautious of sending wrong signals that Fayette County is not open and welcoming to growth and business. It can have an unintended consequence if we’re not careful.”