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Brown lobs new accusations of racism at Barlow

Commissioner Steve Brown (pictured) lashed out at David Barlow Friday, alleging further racist comments he had heard Barlow make in the past. This came after an unlikely alliance of Barlow and new commissioner Pota Coston helped replace Brown with Charles Oddo as Chairman.

Steve Brown’s fellow commissioners did not select him to remain Chairman Thursday night, instead choosing Charles Oddo on a 3-2 vote.

Oddo was put in the chair with the help of David Barlow and incoming commissioner Pota Coston. Coston, a Democrat, was voted in as vice-chair in her first ever meeting after being nominated by David Barlow, who just recently got a lot of media attention for his rants in which he compared Democrats to demons, frequently using the term “Demoncrat.”

After that incident, Brown alleged some racist comments he had heard Barlow make in the past, which Barlow refuted.

On Friday, Brown issued a statement regarding Thursday night’s vote in which he made further accusations about Barlow’s past racist comments.

Brown’s statement is below:

“It was a surreal moment watching Commissioner Barlow who bashes “the Blacks” in front of his colleagues saying they are all obese, lacking concern over human life and killing their babies, all on government assistance with no work ethic in addition to his comments that Democrat women, in particular, are all ugly and Democrats, in general, are all demon possessed and evil and then watch a new African-American Democrat female join forces with him on the creation of new officers, not something you would have expected to see after so much hullabaloo over creating a minority voting district and protecting civil rights.

I have never much like politics, but I can honestly say that it never ceases to amaze and bewilder the onlookers.​  Life moves on and we must move along with it.”