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My neighborhood plays the game, ‘You’ve Been BOOed’. Some might call it ‘Ghosting’ or ‘The Phantom’. It’s a friendly innocent prank for Halloween fun. We have a lot of children in our neighborhood so the game starts early in October.
Someone clandestinely starts the game (I know who) by secretly leaving a small Halloween-themed gift bag of treats (and maybe some tricks!) for each child in the selected home. It also contains instructions for the partaking of the fun, a ‘You’ve Been BOOed’ sign, and a ‘BOO’ poem. After a household has been ‘BOOed’ with the above goodies, they, too, must in turn secretly pay it forward. Those participating will know when a house has already been ‘BOOed’ because the sign in the goody bag will be placed on the front door. That way the person dropping off Halloween surprises can move on to another neighbor.
Part of the fun is how the rewards are delivered to the chosen homeowner. This is where the covert shenanigans come into play. You must drop off the loot, ring the doorbell, and scamper away before being caught. The children have so much fun with this part.
Day by day ‘BOO’ signs proliferate and soon the entire neighborhood’s front doors are sporting ‘You’ve Been BOOed’ evidence that indicate someone mysteriously visited them before Halloween night.
Here’s what the sign says:
You’ve Been BOOed

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.
With ghosts and goblins, and spooks galore,
Trick-or-Treaters at the door.

The spooks are after things to do,
In fact, a spook brought this to you!
The treats that come with this short note,
As yours to keep. Enjoy them both.

Excitement grows when friends like you,
Decide to share this little ‘BOO’,
Neighbors will have smiling faces,
None can guess who’s ‘BOOed’ which places.

A day or two to work your spell,
But keep it hidden! Hide it well!
Join the fun, the season’s here,
So, spread these ‘BOOs’ – and share the cheer!

Share the cheer?
Wait a minute.
Why should the kids have all the fun? Let the grown-ups in on it, too. Except, this time, as we share the cheer, the adult version is called, “You’ve Been BOOzed!”
You’ve Been BOOzed!
Poem by Guess Who?

It is now October,
There’s something’s in the air,
But it’s just for adults,
So all the rest beware.

This special Halloween
Is different don’t you see?
Isn’t just for children,
It’s just for YOU and ME!

There’s someone you may know –
A (name your subdivision here) neighbor –
Who’s brought you some bubbly,
I bet you will savor.

When it is all consumed,
It may give the right kick,
You might find there’s a treat,
Or might find there’s a trick.

Yes, now it is your turn,
To pass along delights,
For someone else to sip…
before Halloween Night!

You have my permission to borrow.
Happy Halloween!