It was a festival of flavor and love Thursday morning as Bojangles’ celebrated the grand opening of its Fayetteville location with some special help in the kitchen. With local community members and dignitaries gathered around, the ribbon was cut, signaling the official arrival of Bojangles’ to town.

“The City has been so welcoming,” said Robert Wonyetye, Area Director for the restaurant chain, noting that Fayetteville was the choice based on getting to know the community itself. “We did our due diligence. Talking to everyday consumers, they just couldn’t wait for us to be here.”

Mayor Ed Johnson echoed those sentiments.

“We’re always excited when we have new businesses come into the community, especially ones like Bojangles’ which has a rich history of quality service and great food,” said Johnson. “Although a lot of people complain about fast food, I think a lot of people anticipated getting Bojangles’.”

Mayor Johnson shares his biscuits with Councilman Paul Oddo and wife, Nohemi Oddo. (Photo Courtesy of City of Fayetteville)

Johnson then tried his hand at making those famous buttermilk biscuits back in the kitchen with the staff. Every Southern family knows about good biscuits, and for Johnson, who grew up in New Orleans, that holds plenty true.

“My father made the biscuits. My father did most of the cooking in my family, so I learned a lot from him,” said Johnson, though he acknowledges those reigns were handed over when he got married. “My wife is a great biscuit maker. She taught me how to make true Southern buttermilk biscuits.”

For Johnson and many residents, they hope Bojangles’ will be a valued spot for many years to come.

“This is a wonderful addition to our community,” said Johnson.