There was a rat problem at Sandy Creek High School, but Fayette County Board of Education public relations specialist Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said the issue was not as dire as some have made it out to be.

“We became aware of it about three weeks ago, and our maintenance department has been working to eradicate the rats. An exterminator was called, and traps were put out,” Berry-Dreisbach said.

According to Berry-Dreisbach, there were rats in Sandy Creek’s field house, mainly as a result of food that was left out. The main building of the school was not suffering from a rat infestation.

The Fayette County Department of Health visited the school Monday and gave the school a full routine inspection, including the cafeteria, kitchen, classrooms, and field house, and the school earned a score of 100.

“The inspector noted that there were no signs of rat activity in the main building, and he noted in the field house there are no recent signs of rat activity, so what we’re doing seems to be working,” Berry-Dreisbach said.

An exterminator has placed traps, removed food from the field house, and sealed gaps around the perimeter of the building. New doors are arriving this week to provide a tighter fit and prevent rats from entering the building. There were also bushes and plants outside the field house removed to get rid of the rat habitat.
Sandy Creek High School principal Robert Hunter sent out an email to parents Monday, reassuring them the issue is being taken care of.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and take steps necessary to prevent the rodents from entering the building,” Hunter said.