The school system continues to look at new ways to make school safer, and at their Oct. 21 meeting, the Board of Education got a preview of a possible safety upgrade with Centegix’s crisis alert system.

The system is designed for fast response for any emergency, not just a school shooting. All staff members will be equipped with a badge that enables them to send out an alert quickly and reliably anywhere on campus. Depending on the type of crisis, the staff member will click their badge, three times for a staff alert and continuous clicking for a full campus alert. 

A full campus alert would trigger alert strobes placed throughout the school and auditory cues on the intercom system. A lockdown message would appear on computers and mobile devices, and responders would receive a mobile notification, including local police.

The badge also comes with real-time locating technology, so whoever clicks the button on their badge can be quickly located. The whole process should happen in about five seconds. 

“The goal of Centegix and this system is to provide the absolute quickest way for an educator to send for help when they’re faced with a situation when they’re in a school building,” said Brent Coleman with Centegix. 

Equipping 26 sites with the crisis alert system would come with a price tag of $740,000, with it paid for almost entirely out of school safety grant funds awarded by the governor. The school system would only be on the hook for an estimated $20,000 in order to equip alternative school and the administration building.