The crew from Blalock Heating & Air takes a break from installing a HVAC system at Royal Animal Refuge to meet some of their adoptable puppies. (Staff Photo by Christopher Dunn)

The dog days of summer are bearing down, but the lucky pups at Royal Animal Refuge will have it made in the shade thanks to a generous donation from Blalock Heating & Air.

The crew from Blalock dedicated hours setting up the HVAC system, a job that would typically cost roughly $10,000, but they did it to help out a good cause.

“We heard about the need from some people associated with the shelter and felt the need to help,” said Shane Black. “I have lived in this area my entire life and am now in a position to give back and took the opportunity to do so. We’re glad to help.”

The volunteers and staff at Royal Animal Refuge are eternally grateful for what Blalock did for their dogs.

“We cannot describe in words what it means to us at the Refuge what Blalock did for us,” said Rebecca Royal Tate. “We give a good temporary home to the dogs while they are waiting for their forever homes, and now, since the heating and air was added, it just makes it complete for all the pups.”

The dogs may not be able to thank Blalock in words, but they are reaping the benefits of their generosity.

“It means everything,” said Tate. “We have such peace of mind knowing the dogs are going to be comfortable and can come in from outside and relax and not pace around and pant. They have no idea what a huge thing they did for the dogs.”

Royal Animal Refuge is located at 341 Senoia Rd. in Tyrone. For more info, visit