The Fayette County Board of Commissioners will be considering three bids for the upcoming Lake Peachtree City dredging, with staff recommending the low bidder Massana Construction, Inc. at a base bid of $1,449,140.

According to a memo, the dredging project was directly mailed to 17 vendors while another 77 were contacted “through the web-based Georgia Procurement Registry,” and other notices were put out through various media and Fayette Newspapers. Three companies returned bids by Jan. 8: Brent Scarbrough & Company, Inc. at $3,755,087; Waterfront Property Services, LLC at $3,679,920 and Massana Construction, Inc. at $1,449,140.

Staff is recommending the commission accept the low bid from Massana, who worked with the county on the previous dredging project in the early 2000. Massana has worked with the county on various other projects as well as with Peachtree City and Fayetteville.

In addition to the “base bid” for the county’s portion of the dredging, Peachtree City received 11 different alternate bids to provide options for removal of vegetation from the lake bed as well as additional dredging the city may opt to do.

While Massana offered the lowest bid to the county for its dredging, the same was not true for the city’s bids.

In particular Massana’s unit prices for removal of vegetation from four different zones of the lake were significantly higher than from the other two bidders. Brent Scarbrough and Company offered a price of $2,500 per acre and Waterfront Property Services offered a price of $1,000 per acre. Massana, however, offered a price of $20,000 per acre in three of the proposed zones and $40,000 for a single acre designated “Zone 3.”

The need to remove the overgrown vegetation on the lake bed has been discussed at previous Peachtree City Council meetings. It has been noted that leaving the vegetation could present ecological threats to fish populations in the lake as it begins to die off when the lake is refilled.

The figures provided by the county show Brent Scarbrough would charge $110,000 if the city desired to remove vegetation in all four zones, comprising 44 acres. Waterfront Property offered a price of $44,000 for the same work, while Massana’s offer is $900,000.

The city also asked for prices for dredging in six separate zones primarily around the edges of the lake.

Unit prices for that work came within the estimates of $25 to $50 per cubic yard. The city broke its bid request down into multiple zones to obtain a range of pricing options. The cost of dredging in different areas of the lake varied among bidders, though Waterfront offered the lowest unit price at $25 per cubic yard in all six zones. For dredging in all six zones, Waterfront had the lowest overall bid at $502,500.

Massana was next at $602,500 in total. Brent Scarbrough and Company came in at $846,800.

It is important to note these total numbers merely reflect the bid figures if the city chose to dredge all six zones. The city joined the bidding process so that pricing could be returned, allowing council to make an informed decision on whether and how much to dredge.

The city also sought pricing for removal of what is often called “snake island,” which in itself is 98,000 cubic yards. The rest of the proposed dredging totals only 20,100 acres.

Scarbrough submitted the highest bid for removing the island at $3,136,000. Massana and Waterfront each bid $2,450,000 for the project.

It was mentioned at a previous city council meeting that “snake island” was originally created out of dredging materials from a previous dredging project, left there as a cost saving measure in favor of removing the materials entirely.

Some nearby residents have expressed their desire to city council that the island be removed or, at least, cleaned up.

The County Commission is set to choose a bidder on Thursday.