Becoming our parents

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Have you seen the Progressive Insurance commercial that confesses that they can’t help protect you from becoming your parents, but they can protect your home and auto if you bundle your insurance plan with them? My favorite commercial, “Doppeldinner”, shows a couple moving into a new house and the wife begins to see a change in her husband, Rich. When Rich’s parents come for a visit, the wife is enlightened after she observes Rich’s mannerisms and notices that he acts exactly like his mother.
If you are of a certain age, do you see yourself turning into your parents? These commercials ring true to me. I am of that age. Here are some clues that you and I have crossed over into becoming them and we didn’t even see it coming. “Oh, no! I’ll never!” we thought. Well, get ready to see if you can check off some of these observations about your new (old) self.
If you find you are watching more of the Discovery Channel, The Smithsonian, or PBS than you used to, you’ve crossed over. I can come into a room to watch a television show I like to find that from the previous night, when hubby was watching television, one of those channels pop up.
Before we became our parents, I bet you never really stopped and watched all the birds in your yard. Now when one is close, you stop and admire it and think about the beauty of nature all around you. You might be turning into your parents with that one. Before you were too busy to stop and notice for any length of time, but now that you are retired or reflective, you, too, go through this bird phase.
Another clue is found on your computer, the magazines at your hairdresser’s, or even at your favorite nail salon – all those dozens of new/young celebrities you have never heard of. You don’t even recognize their faces, much less the names of the television shows or movies they were in. It’s just another world out there where you don’t know who these people are and why they are even important.
Although 45 years removed from college graduation, I still help out with my sorority by writing letters of recommendation for applicants. All these years I’ve filled out hand-written information about the young lady wanting to go through my sorority’s rush at several universities in the Southeast. Our national magazine always had a published copy of the recommendation form available but since the magazine has gone digital, it’s not there and I am supposed to go through a portal to retrieve that form to fill out. It used to be easy and should be easy still, but lately I can’t even retrieve it because I can’t get in the portal. HELP!
Been house hunting lately? Or dreaming of the day when you want to down-size and especially find a home that doesn’t have stairs because you want your master bedroom on the main level? You probably saw your parents go through this, too. My husband and I are idiots as we did the reverse. We always lived in a ranch, like our parents, and recently bought an historic home where all the bedrooms are upstairs. But don’t think we haven’t already decided where the future elevator is going.
And who of us from a certain age hasn’t planned around a large outing like a concert or football game where we take into consideration making certain we leave the venue before the traffic buildup from everyone leaving at once? Don’t tell me you haven’t considered that idea and maybe even implemented it.
Yes, Progressive Insurance knows us well.