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Be careful what you wish for

SJ is part of a local writers group in Senoia that meets the third Saturday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Senoia Library.  You can also follow more of her writing at creativejuices-sjcox.tumblr.com.

I don’t know about you, but when I am supremely busy with things going on in life, sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed, I have often wished I could have a nice long stretch of quiet down time. A vacation of sorts, but something that is not as short-lived as a week in some exotic place.

I used to dream of a nice quiet length of time where I could do nothing but what I absolutely wanted to, like catch up on my reading or watching all the television shows I haven’t seen. Basically I dreamed of a time when I would not have to work, yet still be financially stable enough to do whatever I felt like without having to worry about money. That is a situation for someone who is either rich or retired. Seeing as how I am neither of those things, I fall in to the general working class who can only dream of things to come later in life and wish and hope that it comes my way.

Well, I am a true testament to those who say, “Be careful what you wish for.” As much as I wished for that down time, I never thought it would actually happen. About six months ago I hurt my back and was forced to go on disability until I got better. At first it was great. I got to sleep as late as I wanted and then do whatever I chose during the day and still got a small paycheck. This allowed me the time to recuperate so I could return to work. Unfortunately, weeks turned into months, and I am still waiting to return to work. Meanwhile, I have watched all the television one person can stomach without melting their brain, and I have read so many books that the thought of picking up another one just bores me to the core. My days stretch out before me, endless days with nothing on the schedule and never knowing when I am going to feel better. As much as I hate to say it, I long for the time when I can return to work so I can have a full schedule again.

During this whole process, it has occurred to me that the events of life are somewhat like a flowing river, constantly moving and shifting its course. You never know where it is going.  Its behavior is very unpredictable and exciting. To quote Aerosmith, one of my favorite bands of all time, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” During this journey you never know what you will encounter. Some parts of it are fun, others not so much. In the end you just have to deal with the cards you are dealt. Take the ups and enjoy them to the fullest, so that when the downs come you have something to hold onto. Even if times seem bad now, they will eventually get better.