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Be Blessed

Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.
Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

“The best writers in the world don’t just write words, they write blessings.” — Cleo Wade

Whoa…that is some heavy stuff. I mean, when I read this in a magazine I had never before seen or heard of while in the waiting room of the Tires Plus shop Sunday, waiting on Bill and a bum tire to get fixed, it was, like, Shazam!  Beautiful? Right?
In an article titled “100 of the Most Creative People of 2016,”  this woman who wears very dramatic makeup and very beautiful flowy garments made of embroidered silks and velvets, and whose hair spread out from her very lovely face like a halo of crinkly curls, spoke the astonishing aphoriphic phrase above that shook my world. I am not sure if “aphoriphic” is a word; it may be that I just made it up. Since it got red-lined by my Word program and offered no spelling correction and no word substitution, I am guessing that I made it up. A new word! So, does that count as a “Writer’s Blessing?”
As usual, this writer is getting a little bit off topic. I want to focus on the idea that “the best writers,” …we are talking about Pulitzer Prize guys and gals, winners of the O’Henry Award . . . We are talking about those folks who spend weeks, months, even years on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Writers like Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Seuss, Celestine Sibley, Ferroll Sams, and Solomon of Biblical fame are those who have surely written “blessings” upon us.
Well, I for one, believe that little aphorism by this hippy-dippy lady named Cleo Wade; I believe her without a shadow of a doubt. Those just listed and hundreds of others (whose names don’t necessarily start with “S”) are in the job of showering us with Blessings.
It is my hope that I always give my reader something to enjoy, a chance to learn something new (a made-up word, perhaps), and an opportunity to feel lighter, happier by having read my work. I want you, gentle reader, to feel that you are always in my heart and mind as I work to offer stories and tales with pleasant tidings, with news of your friends and neighbors, with tales of our past and with hopes for our future. If that equals a Blessing, then I am glad. Very glad.
And speaking of blessings, recently I have been researching the coming Total Solar Eclipse, and just hours after I had discovered that the best and closest places to watch the upcoming Eclipse are Nashville, TN. and Columbia, SC, my daughter, Kim, called from Hilton Head inviting us to go on a little road trip along the back roads of South Carolina on the big day, Monday August 21st. Just happens to be Bill’s birthday and Kim has promised a Carrot Cake.
Seems I-95 will be a parking lot and hotels are booked in both cities with folks hoping to see this once-in-a-lifetime natural wonder! So we will pack a picnic and make a day of it, at least until the sun goes out…It’s going to be so cool! Really. The temperature may drop by as much as 15 degrees in that hour. Kind of like the difference in midday and after sunset. Just more dramatic.
And it will indeed be a dramatic event. Many believe it is “the Shadow of God” and that it somehow relates to the End Times. But whatever it is, we can count on a spectacular, dazzling, breathtaking show in the Heavens.
Even though they do occur twice every three years and can be seen from somewhere on Earth, the last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast in America was on June 8, 1918, almost 100 years ago! So this is pretty darn special. It will be another 38 years until another one. I doubt Bill and I will be around for that…. So, Carpe Diem. Seize the Day!
And be sure to use those special glasses, please.
Back to Great Writers, Blessings, and Cleo Wade. Don’t you just love visiting waiting rooms that have great magazines? I would never have discovered Cleo Wade and her thought-provoking comment had our tire not had a leak. She is quite fascinating. You might want to check out her web page. Just Google her (what a blessing, right?).
Well, I could have spent the rest of the afternoon happily reading in that waiting room. They even had a free coffee bar; I mean, gee, what a pleasant quiet environment in which to spend a Sunday afternoon. But Bill thought we were done when they took our car off the rack, and he immediately broke my quiet reverie. Pooh. So, I just went home and took a nap. Another blessing not to be taken lightly.
Be blessed, ya’ll.