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It is that time of year again, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and pollen counts are extremely high. For most, hay fever and allergies are the norm. For others, the coming months will prove to be devastating.
While children and families enjoy the outdoors and trips to the lake, mountains, and endure the long lines at the amusement parks, others will be taking trips to their doctor’s office and endure the long lines and waiting times at emergency rooms faced with the challenges of upper respiratory infection.
Most doctors will prescribe an antibiotic. Bayers’ brand Cipro or Cipro XR (extended release) may be considered. It is available as a less expensive generic under the name ciprofloxacin.
As people seek relief from their infection, they head to the pharmacist to fill their prescription. With good intentions, the pharmacist can only inform users of known side effects that have been disclosed by the manufacturer. When the manufacturer fails to warn, the patients and consumers rely upon the expert opinion of the doctors, hospital, and pharmacist.
Imagine, one morning as you prepare for work, that you find yourself on the bathroom floor. Unaware, you get up and resume your activities before realizing that you have fainted.
Off to the hospital, again.
After extensive testing, the doctors determine that the fainting is not attributed to any infection and all blood work and urinalyses is normal. However, the fainting continues, followed by hair loss, numbness, uterine bleeding, and respiratory problems.
Until you search for understanding. Then, you recognize the connection between taking Cipro and the symptoms. Further, your research reveals that Cipro causes permanent nerve damage that leads to fainting, hair loss, numbness, respiratory problems, as well as a host of other life-changing complications. Moreover, you learn that Bayer failed to warn about these risks associated with taking this drug.
Even more compelling, you also learn that women suffer from an acute or sudden onset of an aggressive form of cancer following the administration of Cipro that causes mass or growth in the bladder and reproductive organs.
Finally, you reach out to Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and they tell  you in writing that the problem and liability rest with your doctors, hospital, and pharmacist, and suggest that you sue them!
If anyone has similar side effects, please go to the website under MedWatch and report your adverse reactions. Also report your adverse effects at and screenshot your reporting plus print your report.

(Note: Worth knowing is that Bayer owns the company that manufacturers Roundup, which is responsible for the causation between weedkiller and cancer. Bayer AG is headquartered in Germany.)