Baseball Lab continued its rich tradition of educating youth baseball players last Saturday with a big tradition. The company founded by Esteban Maldonado and Eddie Sanchez staked new roots at the All-Star Baseball & Softball complex in Peachtree City.

They opened their doors to the community and welcomed the Joseph Sams School and Miracle League to preview the facility. Both got a chance to test the new analytical equipment and tour the complex.

“We have been working in this community for a long time, and this is a very special event to share the experience and knowledge we have with you guys,” Sanchez said.

Special guests showed up including LA Dodger star Joc Pederson’s brother Champ Pederson. The ability to have Champ involved was crucial to the event.

Special guests Champ Pederson, brother of Los Angeles Dodger Joc, and McIntosh alum and current Stanford player Duke Kinamon.

Champ, who has Down syndrome, encouraged the kids to keep working hard and to listen to their coaches. He shared his testimony and showcased how important it is to always believe you can accomplish anything.

“Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and it brings people all together,” Champ said. “It teaches people how to get along, how to compete, and how to be a good teammate.”

Maldonado echoed Champ’s words as he stated that Baseball Lab was built on those principles. He helped start the program a few years back and is happy to see it blossom today.

“Baseball Lab is a concept that was created about two years ago,” Maldonado said. “Right now, we are housed in the All-Star facility. It’s been outside and we have grown internationally.”

Having an indoor facility was a big move for Maldonado and Sanchez. Their mission is to train athletes physically and mentally in preparation for success. With more space, they can take in more athletes and give them a top-of-the-line experience.

“Our motto is to want them to become a professional in either baseball or life,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado has trained several players including former McIntosh standout Duke Kinamon and Major Leaguers Will Smith, Cornelius Randolph, and David Buchanan. They also work with guys in the surrounding area and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The players get support throughout the entire process. The goal is to build relationships and keep the focus on the game and education.

“It has been a blessing to train those guys,” Maldonado said. “We try to do a one-stop shop that evolves into what baseball is right now. They are going with technology and analytics. So, we are trying to combine the new and the old.”

Baseball Lab founders Esteban Maldonado and Eddie Sanchez speak at the grand opening celebration at All-Star Baseball & Softball in Peachtree City.

Right now, Baseball Lab has six teams, but anyone can come and experience the All-Store store that sells all kinds of baseball and softball equipment.

After the event, Baseball Lab hosted a baseball game at Whitewater High School. Both the Joseph Sams School and the Miracle League got a chance to participate in the game. It was a great community event that continued to get the word out and help those in need.

“We wanted to support the community, and I think it is very important for our kids to be involved in the community,” Maldonado said.

The new location is at 135 Huddleston Road in Peachtree City. It is located at the All-Star Baseball & Softball Complex.