On Tuesday night, the Peachtree City Council took the first steps towards creating its new budget for the next fiscal year.

At the retreat session, City Manager Jon Rorie focused on facility management and department service capabilities.

Rorie said the city currently maintains 41 buildings with a value of $56 million. The city is also responsible for more than 4,000 signs, along with the numerous recreational facilities in the city.

Recreation Director Quinn Bledsoe said the first goal of her department is to provide opportunities to Peachtree City residents, then Fayetteville, and finally out of county residents.

Bledsoe said ideally, no more than 30 percent of users should be non-residents.

Non-residents pay user fees at many of the city’s facilities.

“It might be time to adjust those fees,” she said.

The city’s problems at recreation areas involve everything from poor drainage at the fields on Ga. Highway 74 South to the always persistent question of whether to keep the bubble at the Kedron Field House.

“I have no problem paying for the pool. I make a choice not to use it, but I think users should pay the cost of programs,” Rorie added.