A Riverdale woman is under arrest and facing multiple charges for defrauding an elderly Brooks family.

Tina Marie Padgett, 47 years old of Riverdale, is accused of committing identity fraud to open accounts at several local businesses and banks under the name of a 78-year-old Brooks resident and her 81-year-old husband.

In August, the victims noticed a $450 withdrawal from their Regions Bank account coming from a Wells Fargo debit card, but the victim does not have a Wells Fargo account. They notified their bank immediately to place a fraud alert on the account, and they were reimbursed.

The victims reached out to Wells Fargo, who said the application was filled out using the victims’ former address.

Padgett is suspected of fraudulently receiving a Wells Fargo debit card and opening two separate accounts at SunTrust Bank. She is also accused of opening accounts at Target, Lowes, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Pier 1, Children’s Place, Walmart, and Sprint in the victims’ names.

So far, Padgett has been charged with three counts of Financial Identity Fraud. Because of the victims’ ages, Padgett also faces multiple charges of elder abuse.