Pinewood Atlanta Holdings, LLC, which is connected by ownership with Pinewood Atlanta Studios, is well on its way to having hundreds more acres of land around the studio campus annexed into the City of Fayetteville and rezoned in order to build housing and commercial developments to support the overall Pinewood project.

Fayetteville Director of Community Development Brian Wismer said he met with Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) representatives Monday in Atlanta to discuss the regional impact the nearly 700-acre Pinewood project will have on the immediate and surrounding areas.

Wismer said that hour-and-a-half meeting was to discuss the necessary infrastructure and planning required to accommodate such a vast project. In total, the expanding Pinewood project would include 324 multi-family homes, 821 single-family homes and 200 hotel rooms, all built on land adjacent to the main studio campus. The overall plan also calls for nearly 2.3 million square feet of commercial space, including the studio buildings.

Wismer said the ARC will develop a report to help Fayetteville move through the planning process and to help neighboring jurisdictions and the state plan for what’s to come, especially in the way of vehicle traffic in the region.

“They have formulae that will help figure out how much traffic that development will generate,” Wismer said. He said Georgia Regional Transportation Authority will get involved in authorizing a comprehensive traffic study, which he says will be funded by the developer.

It could be a couple of months before those studies and reports are completed, Wismer said, which means it could be June before Fayetteville City Council members are allowed to vote for or against any annexations and rezonings. In the meantime, The first lot of annexations and rezonings is scheduled to be on the April 28 Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agenda.