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In the aftermath of the hurricanes that have hit our shores these past few weeks, I came across a very interesting quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He said, “It is easy to be wise after the event.” This proves very much to be true in any case, but especially in the case of a natural disaster. Hurricanes are very powerful things that leave behind devastation and destruction, but unlike others such as tornadoes, which come and go in an instant with no way of predicting their path, hurricanes form out over the ocean and we are able to track and predict where they will fall so we can be prepared for them. What I find is that no one seems prepared for them at all, which is evident by the mad rush of the people to the stores to clean out their shelves in order to have supplies to ride out the storm.
My brother was a boy scout and my father was the scout troop leader, so by all definition I should have been one too, but being a girl I was not allowed. Their motto was, “Always be prepared.” That is something my father taught us not only by teaching wilderness survival skills like how to build a shelter in the woods, or building fires from nothing, but also just how to be prepared for anything life may throw at you.
Growing up in the backwoods of Maine, my mother also taught me a few things about being prepared. Any time a winter storm would hit, we are always ready for the power outages. She always kept numerous bottles of water stored for things like cooking, drinking, and flushing the toilet. Since we were not on a sewer system, if we lost power we also lost water. Not only did she keep a large supply of bottled water, but we also had candles, flashlights, and extra dry goods on hand all the time.
Now that I am an adult, my husband and I also keep several storage bins full of handy emergency supplies. You just never know when you are going to need them. Mormons are required to keep a year’s supply of everything that their household would need in storage in case of emergency. It’s a good habit to have. The way our society is going, be it a major power outage that stops all technology, a natural disaster, or a zombie apocalypse that wipes out half of civilization and make the other half struggle to survive, it never hurts to always be prepared for what life may throw at you.