by Paige Groome

Looking to recruit students from the private and homeschool market, the Fayette County Alternative Program announced its rebranding strategy at the June 1 Fayette County Board of Education meeting. 

Composed of Horizon Academy, Open Campus Academy, and most recently, Fayette Virtual Academy, Fayette County’s Alternative Program provides flexible learning opportunities outside of a traditional classroom setting. Seeking to undo the negative stigma surrounding the word “alternative,” the Fayette County Alternative Program hopes to shift perception of the academies through its rebrand to Fayette LIFE Academy.  

School System Public Information Officer Melinda Berry-Dreisbach underscored the name and logo development process. Wanting to choose a word that embodied the mission of the three academies, a survey was sent to 63 students, parents, staff, and community partners invested in the program. Participants then submitted words they thought resonated with the academy’s overall mission of personal and academic development. From the submissions grew the idea for LIFE: Limitless Innovative Flexible Education. Through the name change, the academies are able to further market themselves as institutions pioneering educational development beyond the typical classroom. 

The new logo takes care to mirror that of the school system, as seen with its diamond shape. The navy blue emboldening the base of the logo is the same blue built into the system’s logo. Navy blue stands for trust; in this case, the trust parents and their children have in Fayette County’s commitment to quality education. The word “IF” also pops out from the design. As Berry-Dreisbach conveyed to the board, “‘If’ means possibilities.” Highlighting the word “IF” in the additional blues found in the school system’s logo embodies the ideas of growth and intellect. Furthermore, the notches from the “F” and the “E” are meant to resemble the notches in a “key,” representing that Fayette LIFE Academy provides the “key” to setting students up for a successful future.