Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

The weather report Saturday morning was grim. Seventy percent chance of rain. And not just rain — thundershowers. A great day for snuggling up on the couch with a cup of Darjeeling and a good book (which I have a number of, at least half with overdue fines from the Senoia Library). But that was not the plan for Saturday. No, we were super excited to be going to Bobby Dodd Stadium for a preview performance of the 2018 halftime show by the 340-plus member Ramblin’ Wreck Georgia Tech Marching Band!

Well, super excited till we saw that nasty weather report. Our plan was to leave by 10:30, umbrellas at the ready, stop at the Cracker Barrel for an early lunch, and arrive on campus by 1 p.m. Just in time for the band’s opening number out by the fountain next to the Student Center. One p.m. Exactly the time the first wave of thunderstorms were due to hit Atlanta!

So, Leslie dropped us old folks off, saving us at least a portion of the eight miles (half of that uphill!) we would eventually walk that day. Huffing and puffing, we made it to the fountain area just in time for the very first notes of their signature song. With an “eye to the sky” as Glenn Burns would say, and not a drop in sight; in fact, we were in danger of getting a sun burn, and me with no sunscreen.

My dermatologist will kill me! She will never believe I have not been lying out on the beach at Hilton Head. Actually, that is partly true and I will have to admit that we sat longer on the beach than intended or than was safe…but, oh, it was so beautiful.

Hardly anyone was sharing the beach with us last week. Just enough of a breeze to make us forget the 85 degree sun warming us as we stretched out, toes wriggling in the warm sand for the first time in months. Who can fault me if I forgot the time?

My hat would not stay on in that lovely breeze, so I did get a bit of a baking on my scalp where my hair has been falling out literally by the handfuls! That’s the reason I will be seeing my dermatologists in the first place. What a nuisance (not to mention “Very scary”), to be plagued with this mysterious shedding of hair practically overnight. I have already been checked out with my GP and none of the usual diagnoses have explained this horror. So, if any of you dear readers knows a magic cure, other than axle grease mixed with crushed dandelion leaves, please, please send it along! It is surprising, though, that very few people and those, only women, who have suffered this same complaint, seem at all excited about having a conversation referring to hair loss. Certainly not any men I know. Bill has certainly lost interest in my descriptions of all the possible cures I have found on the Know-it-all Internet.

Anyway, Saturday turned out to be a perfectly marvelous day. By 3 p.m. as planned, we had moved inside the stadium where we could and did choose from terrific seats center field about a dozen rows up. I can guarantee we will never be able to afford those seats at a regular event. Our nose-bleed-section seats to the Virginia Tech game last year cost $64 each! GA Tech did win, so that was a big plus considering I felt like a very ancient mountain goat after the event was over. Oh, and it was on the visitor side, so we were surrounded by Va Tech fans. Ha! Who cared? Not us. We had a Great time. I look forward to doing that again; tailgating in the Varsity Parking lot in 50 degree weather and all! Bring it on. Who knew having a grandson playing on the famed drum line would cause such interest in college football!!

Sting ’em Jackets!

With all the excitement, neither Bill nor I remembered that we were supposed to bring a dish to our quarterly Sunday Community lunch, and I was especially embarrassed. I had to admit that I had failed to fix my usual “Thousand Island Deviled Eggs,” which while nothing terribly special, are usually one of the first things to go. We were headed out the door after the service having shared my faux pas with several friends, when more than one person insisted we stay, “We’ve got plenty. Don’t you worry,” one of the ladies who works in the kitchen on Wednesday nights and on these special Sundays told us. “Ya’ll stay, now!”
Even as visions of fried chicken and Banana Pudding and Janie’s famous Chocolate Pound Cake floated before our eyes (my stomach was rumbling, my mouth watering and I knew what Bill Horton was thinking about!) at least two more people encouraged us to come on and eat. I knew there usually was an excess of food. I sure hoped that was the case today, so we gave in and said, “You guys have twisted our arms. Thank you so much.” I did get near the very end of the line and true to her word, there was still plenty of food: nearly a whole casserole of delicious baked beans, lots of pulled pork, and my goodness, you would not have believed the desserts! Three different banana puddings, plus coconut pie, and that famous chocolate pound cake was right there among the other wonderful offerings!

This was one of those great weeks that just happen. A trip to the Pancake House after a morning doctor appointment Tuesday, then two afternoons spent watching Bill and our friend Sheridan work on a monster 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle while I worked on a new editing job. Then a surprise invitation to visit the Tech Campus to see my grandson perform in the percussion section of the band. Throw in brunch at Cracker Barrel, and a wonderful Sunday lunch with friends at church who kindly excused my forgetfulness… even if half of them are Georgia Dawg’s or Auburn Eagles!

Let’s get ready for some FOOTBALL!