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A Trip Down Memory (Peachtree) Lane

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Recently, a Facebook friend posed this question and I thought it was great trip for us Atlantans who are long in the tooth. Who remembers this Atlanta? Enjoy your journey.

You’ve lived in Atlanta a long time ago if you can remember __________?
• Channel 11.
• Steve McCoy on Z-93.
• The Junior Varsity on Cheshire Bridge Road.
• Camping out on the sidewalk to buy concert tickets at Turtle’s Records and Tapes.
• A & P, Big Star, and Cub Foods.
• Pasquale Perez missing his first start for the Braves because he was doing laps around 1-285.
• Roxy, Rialto, and Lowe’s Grand movie theaters.
• The Union and Terminal rail station in downtown Atlanta.
• The Wisbee Morning Merry-Go-Round.
• The Pickrick.
• Richie Bears and Priscilla Pig at Rich’s Department Stores.
• The Crackers.
• Macy’s Downtown and Fulton County Stadium.
• Willie B.
• Aunt Fanny’s Cabin.
• Midnight Sun restaurant and later dinner theater and Harlequin Dinner Theatre.
• The Limelight next to Kroger on Piedmont.
• Flossie Mae, the favorite car hop at The Varsity.
• The World of Sid and Marty Krofft.
• The highways and road BEFORE 1-285.
• Winn-Dixie and their horse racing contest tickets.
• Waiting at the gate at Atlanta airport for arrivals.
• Led Zeppelin at Braves Stadium.
• Glenwood Drive-in.
• Zannadoo’s, Charlie McGruders, and Stone Poney.
• Crawford Long Hospital.
• Going to see the Shrine Circus at the old Atlanta Municipal Auditorium now a part of Georgia State University and when Atlanta Underground flooded and Dante’s alligator got loose.
• TBS – Turner Broadcasting Systems when it was a totally independent station and playing Godzilla movies and Elvira commenting on scary movies being shown.
• Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor at Cumberland Mall.
• The TeePee in the outfield at Atlanta/Fulton County Stadium.
• The Atlanta Flames.
• When the interchange at I-85 and I-285 was a cloverleaf only a 4-laner.
• Alex Cooley’s ballroom.
• C-1947 terminal of Atlanta Municipal Airport.
• Celestine Sibley’s columns in the AJC.
• Tony Orlando and Dawn performing at the Omni.
• Ludlow Porch, Coach and Six, Victoria Station, Shoney’s Big Boy, Lenox Mall before it was enclosed, Magic Pan, The Great Speckled Bird, Harold’s BBQ, Lester Maddox, Birdman on Peachtree, Great Southeast Music Hall, The Bistro, Quinn’s Mill, the Big Chicken, and Delta was ready when you were…

More to come…