Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

I am done, completely and utterly done with struggling to be tolerant amidst the explosion of blatant intolerance towards Christians in this crazy world. And not only the cruel intolerance visited upon Christians in foreign lands or of different cultures, or the intolerance exhibited in the circus arena that passes for American politics today. I am sick of the ridicule heaped on people with Judeo-Christian values by those in the film industry; by those who make movies whose primary focus is sex and violence. I am tired of trying to put on a nice face, of bowing to or of politely listening to and accommodating the opinions of those who hold entirely different views than I, who would have me oblige, excuse, or pretend that their “progressive” views were more valuable or more true than my own conservative ones. Bah.
I am so done with gangs of people waving signs demanding they be respected, while disrespecting others. I am so tired of their nasty shouts, their chants of inane rhetoric that are lobbed across barricades, and that only when the cameras are trained on their faces (faces glued to their palms, to their IPhones) only then do they jump into action, egged on by the bright glare of the media spotlight. Ex-Mayor Andrew Young told news anchor Brenda Woods after hundreds had marched on the Governor’s home and had blocked traffic on major thoroughfares in Atlanta, “I think these people need to get together and decide what it is that they are protesting.” Amen, Andrew!! Pathetic. 
I am sick of being labeled a hater because I am a Christian. Those of all races know that my Christian creed is simple. I work hard to follow what Jesus said were the two most important commandments, “Love God and love your neighbor.” Recognizing all people simply as Children of God may well insure that we will remain a decent, caring society. Like the apostle Paul speaking to the Romans in the First Century BC,”I am proud of the Good News, because it is the power God uses to save everyone who believes.”  
I am not an intellectual giant. Not a Bible scholar, nor do I profess to even being particularly clever or witty. I am actually something of a naive simpleton. But I know what my mama called “filth” when I hear it, and I hear it all too often on my radio, television and out of the mouths of our precious youth whose years of innocence end at about age 10.
First, MTV brought pornography right into American homes, replacing the wholesomeness of “Hit Parade” and “American Bandstand.” “Father Knows Best,” “The Waltons,” and the “Andy Griffith Show”, each with a clear moral lesson for children and families, gave way to “Friends” and “Seinfeld,” then “Married with Children” and “Sex in the City” where sex was the motive behind every action and where there were no consequences that couldn’t be cured with a good laugh, or maybe by just switching bed partners. Romance was officially dead. The sexual revolution took care of that, along with tolerance for people who believed in purity and chastity and Love. 
The film industry and the internet has been pushing these secularist-progressive issues in a calculated manner to the point where my tolerance button has turned red with indignation. “Public entertainment in all forms…is now a libertarian dream come true. Internet pornography is a tsunami against the efforts to control it, and smart phones convey that same product into the pockets of schoolchildren.” And the people responsible for these products again want to hold our state hostage, threatening to leave and take their moviemaking with them. Even Disney. Disney, for crying out loud. Our one hope outside Hallmark for upholding family values has gotten on board the train out of Georgia if we citizens don’t acknowledge that “Hollywood’s’” dogmas, beliefs (what are they?) represent The Only Way. Look at their broken relationships. None seem to keep a family together; they introduced the popular idea of having children before marriage as Normal. Promiscuity is practiced openly. Unhappily, many, many of the millennials and the generation before have followed the sad patterns of the lives of the Stars. Bah.
I no longer want to accept the garbage, the trash, the filth that calls itself entertainment without at least speaking out. I refuse to believe that Entertainment Celebrities are the best that society has to offer as role models. Young women emulating that Kardashian bunch, injecting their behinds! And young men walking and talking like vile “gangsta” rappers openly grabbing their crotches are today’s heroes? They make my blood run cold! 
I don’t have to continue to list the people responsible for our degenerate society. I don’t have to look any further than myself. I have too long allowed myself to be bullied and pushed around verbally by people much smarter and more gifted in the art of intimidation than I. I failed to speak, to stand, to march, to protest when others began to call Christians “haters.”  We Christians are also Diverse. We are not Puritans, we are Christ Followers who want to live and work together in harmony and understanding. 
I can tell you how precious all people are to me till the cows come home, but because I am a Christian, a conventional believer, one who professes to Love everyone, my voice is small, pathetic—vilified by the louder “secularist-progressive alliance: a cultural band of like-minded people, united above all by their antipathy to the traditional Judeo-Christian moral code.” * These are the ones who are intolerant, refusing to listen to our positions, to try to understand our “code,” who simply close their minds and point fingers of hate. Who Intimidate. Bully.
I believe we must say to those in the film industry who would threaten our elected officials and our communities (it is actually a bribe, isn’t it?), we must say Go. Sadly, Go. But if you stay, we welcome you to learn to live in a culture where the majority of our citizens struggle to embrace God, Family, Country, and who strive to Love One Another. The majority of us are Christians.

Note: I encourage you to read “It’s Dangerous to Believe” by Mary Eberstadt (see quotes).