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A New Global Era

Josh Rigsby is a student at Clayton State studying Political Science

The global institutions that were created after the horrors of World War Two to protect the world have failed us. They were created with the noble goal of providing stability and peace in a complex world. Now they are collapsing, not because of an outside force that cannot be contained, but because of widespread corruption and political pettiness. When the world needed stability and order, it received vulnerability and chaos. Now that a wave of terror and uncertainty has enveloped the world, people are turning on organizations like the European Union and the United Nations. Calls for these institutions to be rebuilt or dismantled show a world entering a new era of uncertainty, and we must understand what caused these events so that we can build a system that can handle the current foreign policy nightmare.
The European Union was the first institution to utterly fail its constituents. As the Middle East descended into sectarian conflict, the E.U. began receiving waves of refugees. Instead of trying to limit the influx, they threw open the doors to Europe and millions of refugees poured in. The E.U. leaders claimed they had a moral obligation to help these refugees, but they had lost sight of their true mission. They were supposed to protect the citizens of Europe and provide economic opportunity through the coordination of member states. Instead they created the Migrant Crisis. Crime is going up, terror attacks are becoming the norm, and the whole system is at its boiling point. Yet still the leaders of the E.U. do not understand, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel leading the charge to bring in more migrants in the coming year. They place their own citizens at risk while creating animosity against Muslims who were peacefully living in Europe before the crisis. The European Union is failing; Britain is only the first to leave, and should be seen as the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the E.U. While the E.U is crumbling, they are not the only global institution in decline.
The United Nations is another organization that is destroying itself from within. Instead of fulfilling their charter and providing stability and preventing war, the U.N. has become a political façade. It is a tool wielded by international politicians to further their own ambitions and to spite their enemies. The U.N. is unable to act when it should, like in Syria for example, because Russia or China will veto any resolution in the Security Counsel. This has resulted in the U.N. being stuck in a state of perpetual stagnation. Even when they do act, it is rarely in a productive manner, rather it is often a political shot from one group of countries to another. The most recent example is President Barack Obama’s betrayal of Israel. It has been no secret that Obama has a personal dislike of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and vice-versa, but no one would have thought Obama would stab him in the back on his way out of office, especially during Hanukah. On top of leaking several Israeli plans to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions over the past five years, Obama instructed America’s U.N. representatives to abstain on a vote to label the expansion of Israeli settlements as illegal. This resolution defines the expansion of these settlements so loosely that even a family adding a bedroom to their house in Jerusalem would be going against the U.N. It also states the Western Wall does not belong to Israel. The Obama administration seems to ignore the fact that a majority of Palestinians support the murder of Jews and want Israel destroyed, not divided into two states. This is obvious when one looks at the deals the Palestinians have walked away from and the concessions from Israel they have received. So while Syria and Iraq burn, North Korea murders its citizens, and other atrocities are committed across the globe, politicians like Barack Obama are using the U.N. to punish their political enemies. It is no wonder why confidence in these institutions is plummeting. They no longer uphold the mandates they were created to carry out.
The world is changing. The global order of the past 50 years is no longer viable. With each new challenge, these institutions become more and more irrelevant to the constantly changing global landscape. Infighting and corruption have rendered once noble institutions impotent, creating a vacuum of power that is being filled by countries like Russia and China. When these institutions collapse, there is often armed conflict soon after. So as the world sits on the precipice of war, it is up to the United States to change the course of history and prevent it from repeating itself.