By Leah Banks

PEACHTREE CITY — A pair of teens were arrested for possession of marijuana after leading officers on a Saturday chase that caused vehicles to weave through traffic after officers detected the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

According to the police report, officers saw the vehicle speeding northbound on Peachtree Parkway near Braelinn Road.

The Fayette County News has elected not to identify the individuals involved.

As the vehicle passed the officer, he wrote that he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car.

When the officer initiated a traffic stop and attempted to pull the car over, the offending vehicle began to speed up and weave in and out of traffic.

The vehicle then lost control and crossed the median near Crosstown Drive and spun into oncoming traffic for southbound Peachtree Parkway.

The vehicle came to a stop north of Crosstown Drive on Peachtree Parkway where the two occupants of the vehicle were apprehended.