A 1929 Model A Ford rolls through the pastures of Minter’s Farm, south of Fayetteville.

It’s a sight not too common on today’s roads, but it’s something one would probably see on any given day on Rick Minter’s family farm, as he and others prepare for the 25th anniversary of Inman Farm Heritage Days.

Heritage Days will take place this weekend, Sept. 16-18.

The event started in the late 1990s and has grown to attract over a thousand visitors during its fall weekend run, with the exception of course being the first COVID year.

“My wife and I got to going to similar show to this, and she was just determined that we could do a show like this,” Minter recalled. “And I thought it was too much to take on, but I got overruled, I guess.”

Happily overruled, though.

Minter said there were events similar to this one just about every weekend during the late 1990s.

Rick Minter stands with Joe Betsill beside a 1929 Model A Ford at Minter’s Farm leading up to the 25th Anniversary of Inman Farm Heritage Days.

The Georgia Antique Engine Show, he said, ceased, and Inman Farm Heritage Days booked that weekend.

“We got their show date,” Minter said, and the rest is history. “Our church was having a fish fry, and they wrapped their fish fry in with our show here.”

Minter said that when the terrorist attacks happened on 9/11 in 2001, many regulars understandably did not show up.

“From then on it seemed like the local people stepped up and filled in the gaps. It helped make it what it is,” Minter said.

There are a lot of locals who do show up to the annual event, but Minter said there are people who come as far away as Canada, New York, Tennessee and Alabama to take in the exhibits and the experience.

Over the years, the family has moved many exhibits to the farm for the show, including tractors, cars and even old structures, like a cabin that was moved from one part of Fayette County to be part of the show.

Joe Betsill typically operates the moonshine exhibit for weekend, one of the more popular stops on the property, Minter said.

“It’s always been one of our more popular exhibits,” he said. “We don’t make moonshine, we just distill water. It’s just make believe, but we could if we had to.”

For the 25th anniversary, Minter said former Fayette County Sheriff Randall Johnson, who was at one time a revenue agent, has donated some of his memorabilia from the era to help expand the moonshine exhibit.

There will also be some new gas station memorabilia and oil field engines, but Minter is perhaps most proud of the addition of an 800-foot walking trail.

“We have a walking trail that we’re really excited about,” he said.

Minter said there’s usually so much to see on the farm that some visitors will stay on one end and not get to the other. He hopes the trail will serve as a connector so they can see everything during the tour.

Minter and his volunteers are busy trying to make the 25th show the best ever, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already planning ahead.

“I hope 25 years from how, it’s still going on,” he said, adding that his wheels are turning on even more exhibits he can bring to the weekend event in the next few years.


We are located about five miles south of Fayetteville, off Georgia Highway 92 South on Hill’s Bridge Road.

This is about 13 miles north of Griffin and 25 miles south of Atlanta.

To reach our farm from Atlanta, exit I-75 south at the Ga. 85 (Riverdale) exit. This is not to be confused with Interstate 85, which won’t get you here without a lot of difficulty.

Travel south on Ga. 85 through Riverdale and Fayetteville. About a mile south of the old courthouse in Fayetteville, you’ll see Ga. 92, which is a left-hand turn just across from a Chick-fil-A.

The signs point you toward Griffin.

Go south on 92 for about five miles. Hill’s Bridge Road is on the left across from an old country store called Inman Country Store.

We’re three-quarters of a mile down Hill’s Bridge.

Our farm begins where the pavement ends. The drive for our the shows is on the left. The tree farm entrance is on the right.

From Griffin, take Ga. 92 north to Hill’s Bridge and go right on Hill’s Bridge.

If you get lost, call 770-461-2840 and we’ll help you find us