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Peachtree City runoff elections conclude tonight

By Michael Cuneo –  By the end of tonight, Peachtree City will have concluded their 2021 runoff election for mayor...

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McIntosh cheer completes state three=peat

There was a familiar team atop the podium at the GHSA Cheerleading State Championships in the Chiefs. McIntosh High’s competition cheer team won...

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Whitewater falls to Creekside 20-13 in playoffs quarterfinal

By Michael Cuneo –   Whitewater’s (Fayetteville) playoff run has officially ended after losing 20-13 to the Creekside Seminoles (Fairburn)...

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The Power of Giving: How One Group is Helping the Homeless of Atlanta

By Michael Cuneo –  Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and although it can be easy to get caught up...

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In the complicated world of health care, one organization is taking a unique approach to helping those in need

By Michael Cuneo –  Across from Fayette Piedmont Hospital on Highway 54 in Fayetteville rests a group of professionals that...

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City Officials Clash at Transportation Committee Over Closing of Crabapple lane

By Michael Cuneo – Ahead of Peachtree City’s Thursday city council meeting, Peachtree City Councilman Kevin Madden informed the Fayette...

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From Fire to conversations: the importance of having someone to talk with

By Michael Cuneo –  Frank Mercer was awoken one summer night in 2012 to the sound of his fire alarm...

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Liberty Tech Charter School Hosts Parade to Commemorate Veterans Day

Students of Liberty Tech Charter School started their morning in a unique way on Nov. 11 as the school held...

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Fayette Board of Commissioners Approves 19% Pay Increase for Employees

By Michael Cuneo –  The Fayette County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a recommendation to increase county officials’ pay by...

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Friends of Fayette County Public Library holding art and literature fundraiser

When you read a book, it’s common to use your imagination to bring the pages to life—now, however, the Friends...

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Second Dunkin Donuts restaurant hits snag with Fayetteville Planning & Zoning Committee

By Alexander Cain –  The individuals behind the desire to construct a second Dunkin Donuts business in Fayetteville will have...

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Wildcats Honored with Fox 5 Pep Rally

Special to the Fayette County News – To the victor go the spoils, and the Whitewater Wildcats are enjoying the successes of...

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