Local alums commissioned as 2LTs

(L to R) Starr’s Mill alums Madison Stewart and Emery Lowe and McIntosh grad Braxton Wimbish received their commissions as Second Lieutenant at Georgia Southern.

At Georgia Southern’s graduation ceremonies on May 4, three local graduates received their commissions as Second Lieutenant. 

Starr’s Mill alums Madison Stewart and Emery Lowe and McIntosh grad Braxton Wimbish are all on their career paths following a fruitful tenure in the Georgia Southern University Army ROTC program.

Madison Nicole Stewart, a Georgia Southern University Army ROTC leader and aspiring linguist from Senoia, earned dual diplomas in international studies and Arabic, as well as a minor in military science.

Stewart, who earned placement on the President’s List with a 4.0. GPA each semester, three Platinum Eagle Awards for maintaining a perfect physical training score and garnered the Alumni Association Award in April, is most honored to leave her own special University legacy, as the Superior Cadet Decoration Award will be named in her honor from this year on.

Stewart is “beyond excited” to attend the U.S. Army Aviation Basic Officer Leader Course at Fort Rucker, Alabama, in June to complete flight school. It is her hope to fly UH-60 Black Hawks and attend the Defense Language Institute, which supports Army officers in learning a foreign language in the country of origin.

Madison is the daughter of Kelly K Lluveras, a veteran of the US Army who served as a Captain, Stepfather COL Ramon Lluveras (USA Retired) and Father, LTC Justice S. Stewart, (USA Retired).

Emery Ives Lowe from Peachtree City graduated from Starr’s Mill High School in 2013. He attended Kennesaw State University for freshman year before transferring to Georgia Southern University for its award-winning Army ROTC program. He graduated from Georgia Southern University in May 2018 with a B.S. in Construction Management, minoring in Military Science through the ROTC program. While in school, Emery was simultaneously enlisted in the Georgia National Guard as an 11B Infantryman. He attended Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning and was assigned to the B/2-121 Infantry unit in Newnan. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the unit was activated for a week to protect and provide humanitarian assistance to the Savannah area. Emery drilled with his unit once a month and attended annual training in the summer. This year, the National Guard Cadets at Georgia Southern University merged to form their own unit based in Statesboro, Georgia. Emery served the unit as a Squad Leader until graduation. Emery was a key player in the formation of the Shooting Sports Club at Georgia Southern. He served as a club officer and a member of the long distance shooting team. Although occupied with his National Guard unit, ROTC, and extracurricular activities, Emery maintained a 3.85 GPA and graduated among the top of his class in the Construction Management program. Emery was selected for Active Duty Aviation and commissioned Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon graduation in May. He is scheduled to attend the Basic Officer Leaders Course and flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama in June.

Emery is the son of Duncan and MaryAnn Lowe of PTC, GA.

Stewart and Lowe have been dating since 2013 and are on the same career and life path.

Our Lady of Mercy alum Danny Dwyer was commissioned at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Braxton Isaiah Wimbish graduated from McIntosh High School in 2014. As an Army ROTC 4-year National Scholar and recipient of the GA State Representative Virgil Fludd scholarship, he chose to attend Georgia Southern because of its tight campus community and renowned ROTC program. He graduated from Georgia Southern University in May 2018 with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Military Science. While attending Georgia Southern, he conducted research on the difficulties people who care for loved ones with disabilities face and played an integral role in using the lessons learned from his research to implement a public health program to teach coping skills to Statesboro locals in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. During his career in ROTC, he earned 2 Eagle Battalion Iron Eagle Awards and was selected to attend Cadet Troop Leader Training with the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) alongside West Point and top ROTC cadets from across the nation. Braxton was selected for Active Duty Transportation and commissioned Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon graduation in May. He will attend the Transportation Basic Officer Leader Course in May.

Braxton is the son of Mr. & Mrs. John and Margrite Wimbish, of Atlanta, GA.

Our Lady of Mercy alum Danny Dwyer, Class of 2014, is now Lieutenant Daniel Dwyer. Dwyer was Commissioned on May 25 at the United States Naval Academy as 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp. He along with all the Naval Academy graduates were able to shake the President Donald Trump’s hand as part of the ceremony.




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