Fayette needs more female officers

Sherri Jefferson is an advocate, author, and an attorney. Transforming the lives of children is her passion. Transferring knowledge is her profession.

Does the Fayette County Sheriff Department needs more female officers? I wrote this based on something I saw while driving this week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 @ 7:42 p.m.

911, state your emergency

I am traveling on GA Hwy 85 and observed four sheriff vehicles with several male officers engaging a  female motorist.

Do you know which county?

Yes, ma’am.
They are Fayette County officers.
I have not witnessed any police brutality, however there are so many male officers, that I am respectfully asking for a female officer to arrive on the scene.
The female motorist is the size of a toothpick and has a look of fear.  She is cooperating while officers search her brand new, white car with dealer tags.
Again, I have not witnessed or overheard any abuse from the officers, however, this young lady (appears to be 18 years of age) should have a female officer engage in a pat down, and if necessary, to take her in to custody.

Ma’am unfortunately, we do not have any female officers on duty tonight.

Across this country, there exist an increase in the number of females that are subject to police citizen encounters. Many of these encounters are legally sound. However, women should have the choice of being pat down by another female officer.
Moreover, women have a keen interest and connection with each other. This understanding makes communicating easier and less threatening.
Furthermore, as our population changes, so has our demographics.
Balancing the scales of justice also means hiring qualified female officers to be available on every shift.




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