How to say NO!

I have a hard time saying “No.” I tend to shirk my responsibilities by sloughing off “No” onto someone or something else. Saying “No” all the time for smaller slights might make it become less meaningful. Is the “No” for “Don’t touch that vase” to “No” for “Don’t touch that burner” equal? Of course not….

A simple protest

I am done, completely and utterly done with struggling to be tolerant amidst the explosion of blatant intolerance towards Christians in this crazy world. And not only the cruel intolerance visited upon Christians in foreign lands or of different cultures, or the intolerance exhibited in the circus arena that passes for American politics today. I…

Finding Hope

Why was I standing on the side porch at the United Methodist Church in Senoia on Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock? The temperature on the white concrete steps was at least 102, but the small group that I joined there were enjoying a blessed breeze which wafted under the cover of the little porch. I…

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