Trimming the Trees

It is only three days until Thanksgiving. I am sitting in the glorious sunshine on my back screened porch smelling the fragrant cut cedar branches that I brazenly raided from my neighbor’s yard-trash pile earlier. Pollards will scoop up the leavings later today, so I had to act quickly to insure a haul. I so…

Pittsburgh and guns

“Along with millions of Americans, we defeated that gun control legislation!” -Sen. Cruz (after 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre) Another semi-automatic rifle shooting, this time at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Eleven innocent elderly people dead. I have an old friend in that close-knit Jewish community and I can only imagine how he must feel. Not…

I am not sweet

My neighborhood has a Sunshine Committee. My school had one, too. The intent of the Sunshine Committee “gifts” is to provide a small token of esteem and consideration when faculty members/neighbors are celebrating a happy occasion or facing a challenging time in their lives. I was once the captain of the neighborhood group. To learn…

Trump: Wants to go back to bad old days, but mid-terms may have set him back

“All in the Trump Family” theme song:  “Boy, I wish housing discrimination in NY had stayed We put the innocent Central Park 5 guys on parade. 
Racist, wealthy guys like us we had it made, 
Those were the days. 

We could say the President was born in Kenya then,  P****** could be grabbed by rich men, 
Mister we could use Strom Thurmond 

Never Finished!

I finally packed away my summer clothes, bathing suits (which weren’t used but about six or seven times all season), straw hats, and over a dozen pair of sandals. This is a very sad time for me. I love Summer, and while I enjoy the beauty of Autumn and the cooler days, I could do…

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