I am not sweet

My neighborhood has a Sunshine Committee. My school had one, too. The intent of the Sunshine Committee “gifts” is to provide a small token of esteem and consideration when faculty members/neighbors are celebrating a happy occasion or facing a challenging time in their lives. I was once the captain of the neighborhood group. To learn…

Trump: Wants to go back to bad old days, but mid-terms may have set him back

“All in the Trump Family” theme song:  “Boy, I wish housing discrimination in NY had stayed We put the innocent Central Park 5 guys on parade. 
Racist, wealthy guys like us we had it made, 
Those were the days. 

We could say the President was born in Kenya then,  P****** could be grabbed by rich men, 
Mister we could use Strom Thurmond 

Never Finished!

I finally packed away my summer clothes, bathing suits (which weren’t used but about six or seven times all season), straw hats, and over a dozen pair of sandals. This is a very sad time for me. I love Summer, and while I enjoy the beauty of Autumn and the cooler days, I could do…

Harbingers of the Fall

Even Tricia Stearns, Marty Harbin’s Republican challenger in the primary, won’t come out now and endorse the senator. While the conventional thing to do in a race is for a former opponent of the same party to then endorse you for the general (think Bernie supporting Hillary, or the very anti-Trump Lindsey Graham version 1.0…

Hometown Hardware

When I was a kid, one of my favorite stores in the small southern town where I was born was Tupelo Hardware. I loved walking the aisles lined with glass-fronted showcases full of Case knives, and wooden cabinets; I loved craning my neck up to the tin ceiling to the shelves that reached up, up,…

Ivanka-Trump Conversation: Part 5

Author’s note: I have no proof that Trump sings this song to Ivanka or had the conversation below with her, but he might have, allegedly. Boy the strange way Pat Robertson prayed, 
Charlottesville Nazi murdered an innocent girl in a parade. 
White Nationalists like us we had it made, 
Those were the days! 
Didn’t need no welfare state, 
Tax cuts…

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