‘Baby I’m sorry’: Morehouse athletic director robbed after inviting Craigslist woman to Fayette County home

Morehouse College athletic director Andre Patillo was the victim of a robbery in his Fayette County home after soliciting a woman from Craigslist to come to his residence on Mill Run.

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 19, Patillo said he was robbed at gunpoint in his bedroom. It was the result of a Craigslist exchange gone wrong, as he’d sent an Uber driver to pick up a woman and then shared a few drinks with her at his home before the robbery occurred. According to the incident report, Patillo explained that the woman was on the phone the entire time she was there.

With the woman in his home, Patillo went to lie down on his bed. He noticed the front door was open, so he asked the female why the door was ajar and she said she’d gone out and forgot to close it. Once Patillo went back to his bed, a male subject came into the room pointing a gun at him, telling Patillo to get on the floor.

The female came into the room and said, “Baby I’m sorry I just needed some money for my kids.” While the male and female subjects were grabbing items from the home, the male subject with the gun became distracted. Patillo used the opportunity to escape through his front door and through the woods, up to the 600 block of Lees Mill Road. Patillo could hear the female say, as he ran out of the house, “Baby he is getting away.” Patillo later told authorities his phone, bank card, laptop and a Glock 9mm had been stolen from his home, but he was unsure of what else.

When Patillo reached a house on Lees Mill Road, wearing only gym shorts, he rang the doorbell at a residence and yelled for someone to call 911. A Fayette County Sheriff’s Office patrol car arrived at around 11:30 a.m., and Patillo was instructed to sit in the back of the vehicle to catch his breath and explain what happened.

Patillo was contacted by the Fayette County News on Tuesday, but said he did not want to talk about the events that took place a week ago.

Patillo has served as the director of athletics at Morehouse since July of 2000. He was also a multi-sport athlete at the school as a student. He played for two years in the Atlanta Braves minor league system.

In his description of the suspects, Patillo said the suspect with the gun was a young, mid-twenties, light-skinned, black male, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with dreadlocks. He heard a second male but never saw him.

A resident on Mill Run called 911, saying she had seen two young black males run into the woods from across the street, before being picked up by a black Jeep Cherokee that was being driven by a light-skinned black individual with dread locks.




Justin Fedich is a reporter for the Fayette County News. He has been a reporter for various papers around the Southeast, including the Athens Banner-Herald and the Selma Times-Journal. Justin is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in digital and broadcast journalism and a sports media certificate.

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